• Germany

    German cover for TELL ME YOU’RE MINE. The book will be out in Germany January 14 next year with the title DAS SCHWEIGEMÄDCHEN. Published by Random House imprint Heyne.

    18 Apr 2018

  • Sweden

    TELL ME YOU’RE MINE available as paperback in Sweden.

    10 Apr 2018

  • UK

    British publishing house Allison & Busby will release Elisabeth Norebäck’s debut novel in the UK September 4.

    14 March 2018

  • Canada

    TELL ME YOU’RE MINE will be published in Canada September 4 by Penguin Random House imprint G.P. Putnam’s Sons.

    1 March 2018

  • USA

    The US edition of TELL ME YOU’RE MINE will be out September 4, published by Penguin Random House imprint G.P. Putnam’s Sons.

    14 Feb 2018

  • Latvia

    TELL ME YOU’RE MINE will be published in Latvia by Latvijas Mediji, who also bought the rights to Elisabeth Norebäck’s second novel. So far her debut has been sold to 32 countries.

    31 Jan 2018

  • Spain

    Planeta, the largest publishing house in the spanish-speaking world, will release TELL ME YOU’RE MINE in February, followed by Argentina and Chile in Mars, and soon after Mexico. The Spanish title is INTUICIÓN. This means that TELL ME YOU’RE MINE will be published in at least 31 countries.

    19 Jan 2018

  • Published in five countries

    TELL ME YOU’RE MINE is now published in five countries: Sweden, Denmark, Finland, The Netherlands and Bulgaria. (Next up is Spain, more about that soon.)

    18 Jan 2018

  • The Netherlands

    This is the cover for ZEG DAT JE VAN MIJ BENT (Tell me you’re mine) in the Netherlands. It will be released earlier, new date is 9-1-2018.

    20 Dec 2017


  • Nominated for audiobook prize

    TELL ME YOU’RE MINE is one of the nominated titles for a Swedish audiobook prize called Stora Ljudbokspriset, with Lo Kauppi as narrator.

    27 Nov 2017


  • Bulgaria

    Great news from Bulgaria today. TELL ME YOU’RE MINE will be released by ERA Publishers in January.

    23 Nov 2017

  • The Netherlands

    TELL ME YOU’RE MINE will be available in the Netherlands on the 31th of January 2018. The title in Dutch is ZEG DAT JE VAN MIJ BENT, and is published by Uitgeverij Prometheus. More soon.

    18 Nov 2017

  • Finland

    SANO ETTÄ OLET MINUN (Tell me you’re mine) will be out the 19th of January 2018 by Finnish publisher Like Kustannus. Elisabeth Norebäck’s book will soon be available in all the Scandinavian countries, including Iceland. More about the release in Finland soon.

    16 Nov 2017

  • Radio P4 Stockholm

    Elisabeth talked to Alex and Dejan about how it feels to reach so many countries with your first book. And how to find the time to write during maternity leave.

    13 Nov 2017

  • Released in Denmark

    TELL ME YOU’RE MINE (I mit blod) now available in Denmark.
    Published by Politikens Forlag.

    26 Oct 2017

  • Radio P5 Stockholm

    Elisabeth Norebäck interviewed by Gurgin Bakircioglu in Radio P5 Stockholm. What’s the difference between crime and domestic noir, and how to deal with the huge interest from publishers and readers around the world. And is a complete change of career a good or a bad thing?

    18 Oct 2017

  • Interview Dalarnas Tidningar

    ”Sunny moment on the bench became a bestseller”

    ”The story is cleverly constructed, told from three women’s perspectives and constantly exciting with several unexpected twists.”

    From an interview/review in ”Pralin” this weekend, a magazine that comes every Saturday with Dalarnas tidningar. Elisabeth was born and raised in Dalarna and part of the story takes place there as well.

    15 Oct 2017

  • Litteratur Magazinet

    Review in Litteratur Magazinet, Sweden’s largest literary magazine: ”TELL ME YOU’RE MINE is fast-paced and accessible. The book is intense and the tempo is high all the way through”. According to the review Elisabeth Norebäck’s book is ”a good deal better” than other books in the genre. Be that as it may, Elisabeth has nothing against positive comments.

    14 Oct 2017

  • Radio P4 Extra Göteborg

    Elisabeth Norebäck interviewed by Eric Blix on Radio P4 Extra Göteborg. They talked about the experience of attending the Gothenburg Book Fair for the first time. And of course Eric asked if there was a role for him in a future movie. Elisabeth promised to get back on that.

    1 Oct 2017

  • Crime Scene

    Elisabeth Norebäck and Ann Pålsson in a conversation about TELL ME YOU’RE MINE at Crime Scene during the Gothenburg Book Fair. One of the topics was how to create believable characters. Elisabeth read selected parts of her book, from each of the three women’s perspective.

    30 Sep 2017

  • Gothenburg Book Fair

    Elisabeth Norebäck’s Swedish publisher, Bokförlaget Polaris, at Gothenburg Book Fair.

    28 Sep 2017

  • Japan

    TELL ME YOU’RE MINE is sold to Hayakawa Publishing in Japan.

    25 Sep 2017

  • From unknown to success

    The weekend edition of the financial newspaper Dagens industri has an article on Elisabeth Norebäck’s success story. About how she kept her writing a secret from everybody, and the huge international interest for her book. Also a little about bidding wars and movierights.

    19 Sep 2017

  • Soon in Denmark

    TELL ME YOU’RE MINE soon to be released by Politikens Forlag. The Danish title is I MIT BLOD (In my blood).

    15 Sep 2017

  • Thriller Queen

    Interview in Underbara Kungsholmen, a local lifestyle magazine. Elisabeth Norebäck talks about the idea behind the book, the writing process and how it feels to be published for the first time.

    13 Sep 2017

  • Greece

    TELL ME YOU’RE MINE sold to Dioptra Publishing in Greece.

    12 Sep 2017

  • Unknown Swede

    Unknown Swede bursts onto the literary scene.
    That’s the headline of this weeks literary column by Carsten Andersen in the Danish newspaper Politiken.

    8 Sep 2017

  • Radio P4 Dalarna

    Elisabeth Norebäck was interviewed by Emma and Martin in P4 Dalarna on the subject of local scenery, on the city versus countryside. And on the difficulties in writing about the painful loss of a child.

    6 Sep 2017

  • Released in Sweden

    TELL ME YOU’RE MINE (Säg att du är min) is released in Sweden by Bokförlaget Polaris.
    Jonas Axelsson, Elisabeth Norebäck’s publisher: ”To start a new publishing house with a debut of this international calibre is definitely part of a publisher’s dream. This is the best kind of domestic noir – a real page turner thanks to very well-drawn characters in an impressive and intense plot. Elisabeth Norebäck’s career starts with a bang and she will gain readers around the whole world, be sure.”

    5 Sep 2017

  • Svensk Bokhandel

    Article in Svensk Bokhandel about Elisabeth Norebäck’s exceptional debut. Grand Agency sold the rights to several territories. Right before the London Book Fair the sales was crowned with GP Putnam’s Sons/Penguin Random House US, who bought the world English rights in a pre-emptive deal. Since then the success has continued.

    4 Sep 2017

  • 26 territories

    Another article in The Bookseller, right before publication day of TELL ME YOU’RE MINE. The book has now been sold to 26 countries and attracted interest from the film industry.

    4 Sep 2017

  • Interview

    Interesting interview in Boktugg where Elisabeth talks about her book and the story behind that led her to writing it. She also talks about the theme and why it has drawn such immense international response.

    25 Mars 2017

  • Swedish debut

    Article in Boktugg on Elisabeth Norebäck’s debut novel. It has already been sold to eleven countries and several publishers also bought the rights to her second book.

    14 Mars 2017

  • Thriller debutant to Polaris

    Article in Svensk Bokhandel about Elisabeth Norebäck signing with Bokförlaget Polaris after a major auction in a two-book deal. Interview with Jonas Axelsson, publisher and CEO.

    13 Mars 2017

  • The Bookseller

    The Bookseller, British magazine with news from the publishing industry, wrote the first article about TELL ME YOU’RE MINE (which early on had the title In my blood). ”Internationally, the pre-empts are said to have ”practically rained over Norebäck” since the start of this month: World English rights to In My Blood were pre empted by Mark Tavani at GP Putnam’s Sons, an imprint of Penguin Random House US”.

    ”Mark Tavani said: “I was immediately drawn into the world of these three women, and riveted by the suspense created between them. We all imagine sometimes that the worst could happen; this novel asks the question, If it did happen, what would you do? Readers will be drawn to this concept and to Elisabeth Noreback’s writing—and GP Putnam’s Sons will be very proud to publish her first novel in the U.S.”

    13 Mars 2017