The Book


”The story is cleverly constructed, told from three women’s perspectives and constantly exciting with several unexpected twists.”
Pralin, Dalarnas tidningar, weekend / SWE

”Be prepared not to be able to put this book down.”
Blekinge Läns Tidning / SWE

”Well written, well-styled and with a tension that lasts to the last line.”
Kommunalarbetaren / SWE

“Debutant Elisabeth Norebäck already writes better prose than most.”
Dagens Nyheter / SWE

”A real thriller, that sends sparks between the pages.”
6 of 6 Stars, Politiken / DK

”A most convincing debut book. A psychological thriller of format.”
Krimifan / DK

“Elisabeth Norebäck delivers a magnificent first psychological thriller…”
Volkskrant / NL

”You absolutely want to know how the story will unfold. And that is a characteristic of a successful thriller.”
De Telegraaf / NL

“An extremely intriguing story about an obsessive mother’s love, mourning and guilt.”
Nederlands Dagblad / NL

“What starts as a psychological novel, imperceptibly turns into an icy thriller.”
Zin /NL

“Norebäck’s debut is a tremendous psychological thriller…”
Noordhollands Dagblad / NL

“Mourning, guilt and obsession are the themes of the brilliantly constructed thriller TELL ME YOU’RE MINE…”
Margriet / NL

“A spine-chilling debut.”
Feeling / NL

“I can’t wait to read her next book. This thriller is unforgettable.”
Epari / FI

“Makes you hold your breath until the last page.”
Viva / FI

”The author manages to keep the reader all the way out on the edge of their seat.”
6 of 6 Stars, Bogfidusen / DK

“TELL ME YOU’RE MINE is one of those books that is thrilling from the start and keeps you hooked all the way through.”
5 of 5 Stars, Sidsesbogreol / DK

“A breathtaking tale. Elisabeth Norebäck’s story gets under your skin.”
Just här just nu, book blog / SWE

”TELL ME YOU’RE MINE is fast-paced and accessible. The book is intense and the tempo is high all the way through”
Litteratur Magazinet / SWE

“Strong, gripping & brilliant!”
Jennies boklista, book blog / SWE

“What a fantastic debut! The book is impossible to put down, a true page-turner! One of the best books I read this year!”
Villivonkansbooks, bookblog / SWE

”I was immediately drawn into the world of these three women, and riveted by the suspense created between them.”
Mark Tavani, VP, executive editor,
GP Putnam’s Sons, Penguin Random House / US